Jason Wilson- SKIM & SKATE
Home Break: South Side, Delaware
Age: 40
Sponsors: Zap Skimboards, ALLEY OOP, Freak Traction, East of Maui
Years teaching: 24
I love skimboarding because it makes me happy and has helped give me direction in life.
Lucas McCoy- SKIM & SKATE
Brian Stoher- SURF|
Home Break: Ocean City, Maryland
Age: 42
Sponsors: Catch Surf
Years teaching: 20+
Surfing was my childhood dream, my passion, my career, and my life now. I believe it is my calling. 
Sydney Pizza- SKIM
Home Break: Dewey Beach, Delaware
Age: 19
Sponsors: Zap Skimboards, ALLEY OOP, Eelsnot Protective Coatings, Dank Optics, Glide Socks, Undu Wax, 
Years teaching: 6
I love skimming because I love every part of it, there is a sense of community and family that is like no other. Also because you are always learning and passing the love and knowledge of skimming to each other.
Eoin Lally- SKIM & SKATE
Home Break: Herring Point, Delaware
Age: 19
Sponsors: Zap Skimboards and Alley Oop Skim
Years teaching: 5
The reason I love skimming is because you can land tricks and catch waves all while being with your friends on the beach.
Sammy DiEmidio- SKIM & SKATE
Home Break: Dewey Beach, Delaware
Age: 16
Sponsors: ALLEY OOP
Years teaching: 4
There’s no better feeling of being with friends skimming good waves in warm weather in Dewey Beach. I love doing competitions and traveling to different parts of America! 
Luca Famularo- SKIM
Home break: West Street, Dewey Beach
Age: 18
Sponsors: ALLEY OOP, Elev8 Industries, Skim, Gonecoastal Productions
Years teaching: 3
I love skimming because it gives you the freedom of skimming however you like to and with your own personal style.  Also I love skimming with all my friends in Dewey and at the contests.
Cooper Forcucci- SKIM 
Home break: West Street, Dewey beach
Sponsors: ALLEY OOP, Shore LB, Victoria Skimboards
Years teaching:1
The feeling of gliding on top of the ocean water with the thought of getting a sick ride is why I love skimming!
Alex Sheckells- SKIM
Home Break: Outer Banks North Carolina 
Age: 18 
Sponsors: Shortbus Skimboards, AALLEY OOP, Eelsnot, Let’s Party Traction, Lighthouse Accessories.
Years Teaching: 2
Every wave is unique with infinite possibilities. With no repetition, every ride feels like a new experience. Also, there are so many tricks yet to be discovered along with many variations making the same trick look completely different. Even when not skimming, watching different skimboarders is sick to see because everyone has a unique style fitted to their emotions while skimming such as aggression, confidence, and relaxedness.
Corey Mahoney- SKIM
Alex Yokley- SKIM