Camp Policies & FAQ's


Payment & Registration
• Registration may be done by mailing in sign up form or by registering through our website:
• Payment for all sessions must be paid at time of camp registration. No Exceptions.  
• Full Sessions=$425, Mini Sessions=$225, Overnight Training Camp=$1000
Camper Requirements
Campers must be at least five years of age for mini sessions, six years of age for full session, and able to swim. All parents/guardians must sign the Parent Statement Form confirming the above statement.
Cancellations & Refunds (by AO)
Occasionally we have to cancel or cut the day short due to weather or wave conditions. Reasons for shortening or canceling days are, but aren’t limited to:
• Thunder and lightning 
• Strong Winds
• Dangerous ocean conditions
• Fog
• High Temperatures
• Biting Flies (yes it has happened)
All cancellations and shortened sessions are made to insure the safety of our campers and staff. We work closely with lifeguards and beach officials on a daily basis to make sure we are making the best decisions.
Alley-Oop will only refund money if the total amount of hours missed exceeds seven hours for full sessions, and three hours for mini sessions, which is the equivalent of one full day of camp. If cancellations exceed the one-day hours, money will be refunded based on a hourly rate set by Alley-Oop. Other program refunds due to our cancellations or shortened days will follow the same equation based on one day of a session being missed.
Cancellations & Refunds (by you)
Camp Cancellations: In order to best serve our students, Alley-Oop has a firm cancellation policy. There is a charge of $30.00 for all session cancellations with a refund of the remainder of the camp fee. If you want to cancel your reservation at camp you must do so two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the day your son or daughter is scheduled to attend camp (Example: If the first day of your session is 7/28 then you must let us know by 7/14). In the event you still need to cancel after the two week cancellation date has passed you will not receive any refund but a credit will be issued to you. You may only use this credit in our stores or toward camp for next year.
Changing Weeks: Changing your week of camp from one week to another will result in a $20.00 switching fee. No exceptions.


How do we find you?
Online at Our mailing address is 1904 Coastal Hwy. Dewey Beach, DE 19971. This is a postal box for mail. We no longer have a retail location in Dewey Beach but still offer our products and services directly through our camp locations and our online shop. Free shipping and delivery on purchases over $30. Please call or email us if you need assistance Phone: 302-227-7087. Email:
What is the difference between the full, and mini sessions?
The main difference between the full and mini sessions is the amount of time we have with campers on the beach. The mini sessions are condensed versions of our full camps without lunch, snacks and a camp contest. We recommend the mini session camps to kids under the age of 12 who have had no skimboarding experience.
How much does camp cost and how do I pay?
Full Sessions=$400, Mini Sessions=$200, OBX=$200, Overnight Training Camp=$800
When and where is camp held?
Our full session is held on the south side of the Indian River Inlet in the Delaware Seashore State Park from 9am-4pm Monday-Thursday with a half day from 9am-12pm. Drop off and pick up are at the pavilion located next to the bath/concession building after entering past the ticket booth. 
Mini sessions are held on New Orleans St in Dewey Beach Tuesday-Thursday from 8am-11am. Drop off and pick up are at the beach access where the sand meets the street. 
Alley-Oop instructors will receive and dismiss campers directly to parent or guardian daily. Please be sure to check camper in and out with our head instructor.  
What do campers need to bring to the beach?
Skimboard, bathing suit/board shorts, t-shirt, rash guard/Lycra shirt, sunscreen(SPF 15 or higher), board wax, flip flops or shoes, hat, sunglasses, towel. 
Does Alley-Oop provide skimboards?
At Alley-Oop we do our best to have boards available for campers to use if they do not own one. We have a large quiver of boards for any camper to try out. We do encourage campers to attend with their own board if they have one. Often times a camper will try one of our boards for a few days and then purchase a similar one from us. Please let us know if you need to borrow a board for your session or would like help selecting one to purchase. Our staff is always happy to help and offer advice on boards and equipment. 
Will you make my child drink enough water and put on sunscreen?
At Alley-Oop we do our best to make sure every camper stays hydrated and covered in sunblock. We realize the excessive sun and heat can take a toll on a young skimboarder. We do group drink breaks and sun block application throughout the day. We encourage you to explain to children how important it is for them to do this on their own during the day as well.
Does Alley-Oop provide transportation?
No. Parents/guardians are expected to drop off and pick up campers at our specified location for each session. For our advanced session we will transport campers to different beaches during the day but drop off and pick up at the beginning of the week shall be done by a parent or guardian. If you have questions about locations or times please give us a call 302-227-7087 or email us at
Does it cost money to enter the Delaware Seashore State Park?
Parents may come in to the park to drop off and pick up campers from our full session at no charge. However if a car is parked and stays for longer than pick up and drop off it will be required to pay park fees. Please follow the rules set by the Delaware Seashore State Park.