Our Model

Over the years we have created a business model at Alley-Oop that promotes the growth of our business by offering a program that directly supports riders, companies, and events within skimboarding.

We scout the most talented well-rounded skimboarders to work as instructors, team riders and employees for our camps and programs. Our shop sells products from companies and brands that support skimboarding and our lifestyle.

Instructors, team riders and employees directly teach and inspire other individuals to try a service or product offered by Alley-Oop. The high quality service and products we offer often turn those individuals into loyal customers.

These customers are introduced and brought into the lifestyle that surrounds our sport; enjoying nature, art, exercise, self-expression, fellowship, and motivation that potentially leads them to get more involved in skimboarding.

With a new found passion our customers often try skimboarding competitions, travel to events, and purchase more products and services within our industry.

These customers eventually turn into avid skimboarders that excel in the sport often times earning sponsorships, jobs, and awards within the industry.

Many talented Alley-Oop Skim campers eventually turn into our best employees, team riders, and competitive riders. In turn our model can potentially take a customer full circle through skimboarding leading them to inspire and share with others just as we did with them.