Jason Wilson

Birthday March 15, 1982
From Dewey Beach, DE
Skimming Since Since I was 6, so 30 years
Other sponsors Zap, Freak Traction
Favorite skim spots Gordons Pond
Who do you skim with? Alley Oop crew, BZA, Vavala, Bobo, Todd
Favorite skimmers Aidan Stevenson, Johnny Weber
Goals (inside and outside skimming) Have a happy and healthy family and friends
Hobbies Hanging out with friends and family, listening to music
Education Graduated from Cal State Long Beach with Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing
How long have you been teaching camp, and why do you like it? Almost 20 years, and I enjoy sharing something with others that has given me so much in life
Fun facts about you? I want to be a DJ but I am a realtor instead
Social Media @jdubselector

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