Jake Stinnett

Age 29 in human years, 126 in dragon years
Birthday August 28, 1988
From The place beyond the Green Bridge, South Laguna Beach, CA
Favorite spot? XIXTWA
How long have you been skimming? Since VHS tapes were the jam
Favorite skimmers? Brandon Rothe, Grady Archbold, Brandon Sears, Blair Conklin, Sammy Stinnett, Paulo Prietto, Brad Evers, Jeff Gomez, Weber, Noogie, Gerardo and Yahir, Kuda G, Jovanni. I could go on and on but everyone is my favorite. Anyone who keeps me guessing and watching in awe.
Goals? Enjoy life to its fullest, every way shape and form. One day I will beat Sammy in a contest. I want to travel to Sri Lanka and beyond. Beat Bobby Flay.
Other sponsors Exile, Beeline Hemp wick, LEAF, Freak Traction, Solid Sun Logistics, GoodBudzStckTogether, The Force
Who do you skim with? The SLG crew thru and thru. Anyone who lifts you up when you need a hand, anyone who pushes you forward to test your limits, and that has good positive vibes.
Play other sports? Name it, I'll play it.
Hobbies? Woodworking, skating, surfing, biking, photography and film, chilling, cruising, chess, I love everything. Try anything once.
Fun fact? if you type “do a barrel roll” in the Google search bar, the screen will do a barrel roll.

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